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A new blog is born…

Like new mums everywhere, when Jack, my first (and only) baby, arrived my world changed completely.

It’s almost impossible for anyone who hasn’t had a baby to fully appreciate quite how different everything is.

I vividly remember taking Jack out for the very first time.  As I’d had a home birth it was literally the first time I had taken him out doors.   It was a chilly,  late September day and all we were doing was taking a short walk to the shops.  I packed three changes of clothes and six nappies. Just in case.  And  I was still a nervous wreck.

My husband and I were determined to carry on as we had before, with no retreat to ‘family-oriented’ so-called resaurants, shops or hotels.  Oh, no, we were not going to go into that dark night.  Jack would be an integral part of our lives and we wanted him to experience all the lovely things we had.   Easier said than done.

My anxiety lessened with every trip out, whether to the shops, the park, restaurants or cafes.  I still overpacked on the nappy front and meticulously planned ahead to try to ensure that I knew exactly where I could feed or change Jack when we got to wherever it was we were going.  Sometimes it worked out.  Lots of times, the promised facilities were, shall we say, not exactly as promised.

I learned the hard way, like so many other new mums.  This blog is aimed at making it that bit easier to get out and about with a baby or toddler.    It will feature my top recommendations, worst experiences and lots in between.

Hopefully it will also help some of you out there to hit the best places before the worst ones.


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