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Christopher’s, Wellington Street, London

Before Jack arrived my only experience of Christopher’s had been business lunches.  Its American-style surf and turf menu, efficient service and great location make it a perfect choice for that kind of dining.

Not surprisingly I wasn’t convinced it would be an ideal choice with a baby in tow.  We picked a weekend lunchtime which turned out to be a popular time to go with kids as we weren’t the only ones.   The restaurant is up a set of spiral steps to it’s best to leave the buggy downstairs.  It is advisable to take the baby with you, though.

A high chair appeared without fuss.  Jack was only just starting on solids so I’d come prepared with a pot of mush which seemed to keep him happy.  I didn’t ask the staff to warm it, though I didn’t get the impression that such a request would have been too much to ask.

The waiters are super efficient but not overly friendly: perhaps because they are more used to a business clientele who prefer to be left alone as much as possible.

The toilets are a challenge.  They are surprisingly small for a restaurant of the calibre of Christopher’s and there is little room for changing a baby, let alone a table.   This is definitely a place to go with slightly older toddlers and children who will feel like it’s a proper grown up dining experience.  There are probably better places to go with a small baby.


Stylishness: 3/5

Friendliness: 3/5

Feeding Facilities: 3/5

Changing Facilities: 0/5

Food: 3/5

Overall rating: 12/25   ££


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