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Claridge’s, Brook Street, London

My pre-baby experience of Claridge’s had been the bar (for business drinks), the Ramsey restaurant (for business lunches) and the Foyer for cocktails and afternoon tea with the girls.   Dan’s desire for a quiet life proved stronger than his initial reservations when I suggested Claridge’s for lunch after Jack’s first trip to see Santa at the Harrods grotto and so it was that we found ourselves in a cab winging our way to Brook Street.

And what a delightful lunch we had.  In the Foyer there were two other couples with toddlers and a man on his own with a baby, as well as a general assortment of elderly, wealthy-looking couples and Americans.  We were offered a highchair but didn’t need one as Jack had already settled himself in one of the green and white silk armchairs.   The table was beautifully laid with no dilution in the service and manner of the waitresses that you sometimes get at posh places when you arrive with a child.  The buggy was whisked away with no fuss at all.

They have a children’s menu with mini versions of the regular, beautifully presented, lunch fare.  The waiting staff were, without exception, friendly and attentive to Jack’s requests, even when, tickled by the novelty, he kept summoning them for the sake of it.   We couldn’t decide whether we had bred a confident three year old or a monster in the making

The attentive staff even noticed when an open door sent a chilly draught in the direction of the chap on his own with a baby and promptly lodged it closed with a chair.  There is a dedicated baby-changing facility in the disabled loo so he would certainly have no problem changing the baby.  The attendant in the Ladies made a fuss of Jack so even a trip to the loo proved entertaining.

As we prepared to make our way back into the chilly street, a waitress helped Jack into his coat and discretely ignored the food that had ended up on the carpet.

In all, a total treat.   Glamorous surroundings, lovely food and children and babies no problem.


Stylishness: 5/5

Friendliness: 5/5

Feeding Facilities: 4/5

Changing Facilities: 5/5

Food: 4/5

Overall rating: 23/25   £££


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