Seven things you didn’t know about me…

As part of something called Kreativ Blogger, the lovely @MrsLJHall tagged me to reveal seven things you don’t know about me. So *takes a big breath* here are seven short and sweet things:

  1. My husband and I met at Labour Party Conference in 1999 – though we didn’t get together till fourth months later after concerted wooing on his part.  We were both working for trade unions at the time so we were there for work rather than as delegates.
  2. We don’t work for trade unions any longer but we both still work in communications jobs which are vaguely political.  Baby Dines Out is my escape from the madness.
  3. I love dancing.  I especially love ceroc, which is a kind of modern jive.  And I’m very good at it!    I don’t get along as much as I used to since I had Jack, but I’m working on it…
  4. When I was 14 I spent a whole summer reading Mills and Boon and Barbara Cartland (I got through at least one a day).  My husband thinks this explains a lot.
  5. I don’t think there are enough opportunities in life to wear ball gowns (see 4.)
  6. I only have one real celebrity crush: George Clooney.  Everyone else pales into insignificance…
  7. I’m *swallows hard* forty this year.

There you go.  Seven little, and not so little, things you didn’t know about me.  Mrs H is right: choosing seven people to tag is hard.  Here are seven I’d like to get to know a little better (apologies if you’ve already been tagged!) but, please, feel under absolutely no obligation to do it!:

  1. @goodshoeday
  2. @thatgirl39
  3. @findenjoyshare
  4. @thecakenest
  5. @suburbanmummyuk
  6. @porridgebrain
  7. @and1moremeans4

7 responses to “Seven things you didn’t know about me…

  1. Aww thank you for the tag! I’m another with a HUGE George Clooney crush 😉

  2. suburbanmummyuk

    I use to be friends with a woman who’s husband was good friends with George Clooney I was single and actually thought I might have a chance LOL

    I love dance too, I plan (hope dream) after this baby to eventually join a dance studio to get fit, and have ME time LOL who the hell am I kidding.

  3. Thanks for the tag, love your list. Mine is online too.

  4. mrsljhall

    Yay well done! I love reading these as generally we know nothing about each other until we read them and then we suddenly become real people! Lisa x

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