Gaucho, Canary Wharf, London E14

On the spur of the moment last weekend we decided to go out for lunch.  As we rang round unsuccessfully trying to get a table, the realisation that it was Valentine’s Day slowly dawned.  Our excuse for our lack of awareness of it being simultaneously the most romantic day of the year and the day you are least likely to get a spur of the moment table at a decent restaurant?  We eschew the crass commercialisation of love…obviously.

We finally got a table at The Gaucho at Canary Wharf – a mere 15 minutes drive from us.  Result.   Chancing upon a restaurant with a free table on such a day really ought to arouse suspicion, however hunger and toddler demands for ‘sausage and mash now’ got the better of us and off we went.

The Gaucho don’t have a children’s menu but we figured that they had mash on the menu and a sausage platter which would fit the bill.  We figured wrong.  Despite offering to pay for the whole platter but just be served the least spicy sausage from it, the waitress said that was not possible.  Jack settled on a burger and mash instead.

The pasta dish which I decided on, was, the waitress informed me, made with a different pasta, but ‘still good’.  Done.

The restaurant is dark.  Not cosy, romantic dark, but dark enough to make it difficult to see your food.  So when my pasta arrived, though I thought it didn’t look quite right it was not until I tasted it that I realised not only was it a different shape pasta, it was a completely different dish to the one on the menu and not a particularly tasty one at that.   My query was met with bemusement by the waitress.  No doubt I was being punished for having the temerity to order pasta in a steak restaurant.

The toilets are cramped but there’s just enough room to get a toddler in with you.  There was a couple with a baby sitting not far from us but I decided not to spoil their meal by informing them that there is no baby changing table, though there is a disabled loo with a floor which would do if they had a changing mat.  They might have thought I was a mad woman.


Stylishness: 0/5

Friendliness: 3/5

Feeding Facilities: 2/5

Changing Facilities: 0/5

Food: 2/5

Overall rating: 7/25   ££


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